Electrical Earthing

Our power networks are installed with electrical earthing to ensure both the correct operation of equipment and the safety of the people at the site. Electrical earthing systems are designed for applications operating at relatively low frequencies, and RSLP has driven the use of increasingly sophisticated technology, including specialist software, to determine ground resistivity, improve design and measure system performance. Modern earthing techniques used by RSLP meet all the relevant standards. Our electrical earthing systems will capture and disperse electrical current so that the site always remains safe.

Electrical earthing services offered by RSLP include

Site survey

Computer aided design



Test and commissioning of new installations

Test and commissioning of existing installations

Earth resistance testing

Applications include

HV earthing and generator earthing, including mobile electricity generators

Anti-static earthing

Electro-magnetic pulse protection (EMP)

Power generation sites

Sub-station earthing


MRI equipment

Industrial, commercial and MOD installations

Heavy and light rail engineering

BFL Projects’ Services and Products

Soil Resistivity Tests and Surveys

Lightning Protection Risk Assessments

Inspections and Testing

Design and Installation of Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems

Design and Installation of Surge Protection Systems

Maintenance of Existing Systems

Sales of Lightning & Surge protection products & materials